Our Services

Bill Proctor & Associates Insurance Services cover all areas of health and life insurance, from family plans to senior, dental and vision. Specializing in Individual & Small Business Market.

seniorSenior Health Plans

We offer Medicare Advantage plans (that were previously known as HMO plans), which cover all your health needs, including vision and dental. You’ll also find Medicare supplements, which cover everything not covered by your Medicare Advantage plan. Medicare pays 80% of what the government approves, instead of what the doctor charges. The Medicare supplement pays 20% of what is left.

Individual and Group Health
To find the needs for individual and group health insurance plans, we ask a variety of questions to make sure we choose the right plan. After finding out your insurance budget, our insurance agent asks:
• What Coverage Are You Looking For?
• What Benefits Do You Want or Need?
• How Old Are You?
• Single or Married?
• How Many Members of the Family?

proctor-ins-familyOur goal is to help you put together the best plan for your family or small business, one that perfectly fits the needs and budget of you, your family, or your company.

Dental Plans
Choose from HMO and PPO dental plans with Bill Proctor & Associates Insurance Services.  HMO plans allow you to choose from any doctor in the network, while PPO plans require you to use in-network providers, though you can choose any doctor you like.

Final Expense Plans
Unlike life insurance policies, final expense plans are designed solely to cover the expenses following your passing. Your final expense plan will be based on the amount of money you need to cover your funeral and any final expenses, instead of the amount of money you’d like to leave your family. These plans make great options for families on budgets as they aren’t as expensive as life insurance.

You can choose your insurance policy based on which doctor is in the network, or by the amount of money you’d like to spend. Each doctor has his or her own cost factor. This approach allows us to find the best plan to fit your needs. We offer both HMO and PPO vision plans.

Life Insurance
We offer life insurance products for all ages, including Universal Life, Whole Life, Annuities and Term Life.  All of our plans are designed to help ease financial burdens at a difficult time.